International Network - Historical and osteoarchaeological Past Populations Exploration

The Network’s objectives

The network is centered on the anthropological and demographic approach of past populations. To ensure scientific dynamism and encourage the emergence of new tracks, this international thematic network aims to go beyond the traditional boundaries between paleodemography and historical demography by the joint use of textual sources and biological archives, usually run separately; decompartmentalize major chronological divisions by talk prehistorians, historians and contemporary times; to exploit synergies between the disciplines within the humanities and social sciences, mathematics, life sciences and geosciences.

Bringing researchers who agree to take a new look at the demography of populations of the past, this network:

- Supports research programs around four main themes.

- Promotes exchanges between its members, privileged access to different sources (databases, repositories, statistical tools ...) and sharing of methodological know-how and practices.

- Promotes and disseminates the work of its members (conferences, seminars and workshops, articles, collective works) and ensures the transmission of knowledge (specialized teaching, training and supervision of research);

- Responds to tenders with a scientific position clearly identified and a team that have reached sufficient critical mass.

The In-Hoppe Network

Bringing a comparative analysis between the demography of populations of the past, in a resolutely multidisciplinary and diachronic perspective.